Sensei Wally Maclean, the founder of Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia, first brought the Wado Ryu style of karate to Australia in 1967. Sensei Maclean was originally a Judo practitioner and after fifteen years of running a Judo school he decided to learn Karate. In 1964 at the age of fifty-one he first commenced his study of karate. Sadly, Sensei Maclean passed away on 7 September 2003, he is succeeded by our current Chief Instructor Sensei Clive Waymouth, 5th Dan.)

IIn 1966 Sensei Maclean traveled to Japan where he was introduced to one of the leading instructors of the Wado-Ryu style, Sensei Kazuo Sakai. Sensei Maclean commenced his study of the Wado-Ryu style at Sensei Sakai's dojo in Yokohama. Eventually he received his Shodan grading and shortly after he returned to Melbourne where he commenced teaching Wado-Ryu Karate. All this was at a time when Sensei Maclean was in his middle fifties, usually a time when most men think of retiring from sport. Those of us who Knew Sensei Maclean however are well aware of his mental toughness and his love of Wado, which explains why he was still involved in teaching Wado up until just a few years before his death.

Sensei Maclean was one of the founding members of the Australian Karate Federation when it was originally known as F.A.K.O. He was a life member of that organisation. During the late 70’s and early 80’s style vs style team competition was a prominent feature of FAKO State tournaments. Although a relatively small style compared to the larger groups such as Goju Ryu or Shotokan, Wado Ryu always featured prominently. In 1979 Wado won the Victorian Championships thereby realising one aspect of Sensei Macleans dream of making Wado the best karate club possible.

After bringing the Wado style to Australia Sensei Maclean returned to Japan many times and encouraged his senior students to do likewise. He constantly tried to improve the standard within his dojos and to adhere as close as possible to the correct method of practice and instruction as intended by the Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka.

In 1991 Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia became a member of the Wado-Ryu Karate Do Academy which is headed by Sensei M.Shiomitsu 8th Dan. Sensei Shiomitsu is invited yearly to come to Australia to teach the instructors and members of Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia. This insures that the highest standards are set and that the true techniques of Wado-Ryu are being taught and practiced throughout all our dojos.

Our organisation, Wado Ryu of Japan, Australia, is comprised of six Branch Heads each of whom had trained with Sensei Maclean for in excess of twenty years. The Branch Heads are as follows; Clive WAYMOUTH 5th Dan, Neil EAST 4th Dan, Russell GEORGE 3rd Dan, Robin HOLMES 3rd Dan, Kevin LOVEDAY 3rd Dan and Brian CROSS 3rd Dan. The Chief Instructor is Sensei WAYMOUTH. The Chief Executive Officer is Sensei GEORGE and the organisation secretary is Sensei EAST. Any inquiries regarding Wado-Ryu of Japan, Australia can be directed to either of these persons.